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The Best of Both Worlds

Let’s face it, there are plenty of ways out there to get a new website. The trouble is, most of the ‘quick and dirty’ options come with a catch, such as a lack of flexibility or no way to get your content out when you decide to move on. At the other end of the spectrum you are facing fairly significant upfront costs for an agency-designed website.

Having a stand-alone, locally self-hosted site based on WordPress lets you start out simple but grow in any direction. WordPress has proven to be one of the easiest and most reliable web tools around, representing almost a third of the web sites out there today. It allows you to get started with an easy learning curve, but is rebust enough to handle adding features such as ecommerce or custom design later.

Get more bang for your buck.

We created the Goodspring WordPress Starter Package by packing heaps of value into a simple monthly service in order to get you moving fast and affordably. And with Divi ‘drag-and-drop’ Theme and our other plugin selections, there are no practical limits on what you can create without ever having to write code. If you can use a mouse, you can create your own beautiful pages and layouts.

The package can be set up in a few days and packs in everything you need to get your initial site up and out there. We’ve bundled just the right amount of configuration and extras to keep you from wasting your precious time mastering hosting, domains, installation, security and the other boring bits.

You are never alone.

We also bundle in support and training. First, we offer an initial intro to WordPress and Divi, with a follow up session to make sure you get off to a good start and can maintain the basics. We look after all the backend bits such as backups, updates and periodic check-ups.

And if you find you still need a hand, we can offer you extension services and tailored support options at discounted rates, ranging from copywriting to custom development.

Fast WordPress Hosting in Australia

One domain (.com, .com.au, .net or .net.au)

Up to 3 email addresses

Standard SSL security

WordPress and plugin installation & setup

Google Analytics access

5 basic content pages/sections with dummy layout & content to get you started

Contact form and call-to-action

Access to WordPress/Divi training & resources

Divi Theme by Elegant Themes (US$89/year value)

Gravity Forms with all add-ons (US $199/year value)

iThemes Security Pro (US $80/year value)

Bloom and Monarch social plugins (Elegant)

Access to our other premium plugins

Daily site backups and restoration

Periodic site check ups and plugin updates

Discounted rates on our other services

Full site and email export when you cancel, take your domain with you

  • AU $65 per month
  • 3 month minimum subscription
  • Or, pre-pay annually and save 15%
  • Cancel anytime

I’m Ready!

Let us do the techie stuff.

The Goodspring WordPress hosting package is a fast, flexible and affordable way to get into your own self-hosted WordPress site. We bundle in and configure all the top gear you need to get started, as well as provide training and support, so you can stay focused on your content.

We bring you all of this for an easy monthly fee. And because its a self-hosted WordPress site, its ready to evolve in almost any direction you can think of.

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