Terms and Conditions


The Goodspring Plans provide a cost effective and flexible way to establish your web presence via an easy monthly payment. They include what’s necessary to get a solid basic site up and manage it, but one that can later be grown or customised to suit just about any business need.


By completing your order you are agreeing to purchase the hosting plan as a monthly subscription with all inclusions listed for the plan for a minimum term of 12 months.

All monthly subscriptions are charged automatically each month to the payment method you specify until you cancel your subscription. Failed payments will be retried once within 5 business days. If the retry also fails, you will be notified to make other payment arrangements. During this time we may elect to suspend your subscription until payment is made, including deactivation of the site. Continued failure to meet the payment requirements will result in cancellation of your subscription and deactivation of your site.

You may cancel your subscription at any time, however cancellations performed within the minimum 12 month term will be charged a fee consisting of 50% of the remaining unpaid minimum term.

Cancellation of a monthly subscription will be processed before the next month’s payment date, and no partial-month refunds are given.


Goodspring plans are priced in a manner that allows you to avoid large upfront project costs (e.g. CAPEX) to create your website. As such the monthly fee includes consideration of the effort, licences, fees and other elements that make up the plan.

From time to time we may elect to alter the price of our plans as our own costs change. If we intend on changing the price of your plan we will notify you at least 1 month (payment period) in advance and ask you to confirm your acceptance or intent to cancel.

We do provide a guarantee that your plan price will remain unchanged for a period of 24 months from the start of plan, or from the date at which a price change occurs.


Some Goodspring plans include provision for training, limited to a number of hours. If the users to be trained are located within the greater Brisbane, Australia area we will offer for the training to be conducted in person at your premises. Otherwise, training is offered via online meeting facilities only.

For online training sessions, Goodspring will arrange a suitable conferencing mechanism for audio and screen sharing. Video is optional. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide their own space, hardware, internet connection and user login to the conferencing service as required.

Training is limited to the topics included for the plan. Training is also limited to groups of attendees no greater than 5 per session.

Additional training beyond what is included in the plan may be purchased from Goodspring.


Each of our plans include varying degrees of support as defined in the Plan Details. Support will be provided using the following definitions:

  • Basic Support means support relating to the underlying hosting service only. We provide a 1st line support to you if the site hosting is experiencing issues, and will work with the underlying hosting provider on your behalf to identify the issue and see it resolved. As we are a reseller and do not operate our own infrastructure, we can accept no responsibility for issues beyond our control. However we do pass through the hosting vendor’s provisions for uptime and support and will act as your liason.
  • Extended Support adds to Basic Support by including our advice and effort relating to configuration of WordPress, Theme and Plugin features, as well as assisting with the layout of your site in the form of pages, page structure and navigation. This also includes simple application of your brand mark and colour scheme, but does not include creative design effort or typography selection.
  • Full Support includes advice and assistance in relation to any aspect of your site excepting those topics/efforts listed in the Exclusions section of these terms and conditions.

To protect ourselves and the sustainability of our relationship with you, our support offerings are further limited in the following ways. Support effort that exceeds these limits will be chargeable at our usual retail hourly rates. If a support request is likely to exceed your annual limit we will notify you beforehand to discuss your options.

  • Basic support is capped at 8 hours per calendar year
  • Extended support is capped at 30 hours per calendar year
  • Full support is capped at 100 hours per calendar year

All support requests must be directed to Goodspring via our online support form to be considered. All support offerings will be performed remotelely and do not include provision for in-person visits.

Sometimes our support offering will require us to contract the services of external specialists, such as design skills with our Full Service offering. You agree that Goodspring may elect these contractors as we deem appropriate as needed.

Externally contracted services will be offered within the constraints of your annual support limit and the plan Exclusions. Outside these limits, Goodspring will provide you a quote for the services to be rendered. At all times Goodspring remains your primary service provider and bears responsibility for the services rendered under our engagement.


Naturally, there are a few things we don’t include in our plans. If you need help with these areas we can offer some of them at additional cost or refer you to a trusted vendor.

  • Custom development or integration work
  • Social media management or content integration
  • SEO, advertising or other digital marketing
  • Product planning and development
  • Packaging, shipping or other fulfillment services
  • Traffic analysis or other analytics (we can provide you with access to Google Analytics for your own use)
Other Bits and Pieces
  • If you already have a domain, we will be happy to arrange to direct it to your new site if you provide us with the login details at the registrar.
  • If you already have an SSL you wish to use, we will work with you to sort that out.
  • Other domain types (TLD) than .com, .com.au, .net or .net.au can be used, but are not included in the plans. Check with us to see if we can offer them within your plan or via additonal cost.
  • The subscription allows you access to our set of premium themes/plugins while you utilise our service. However, the licences for these products remain with Goodspring, and must be purchased separately if you move on and decide to keep using them.
  • Our plans include provision of your content and site if you choose to cancel. If you cancel we will provide:
    • A compressed file (e.g. ZIP) containing your site files and copy of the database for use with another service
    • Information about the extensions that will require you to obtain your own licence should you wish to continue using them
    • If we are hosting your domain email accounts, an export of the email accounts and any existing email data associated with the domain
    • If we have registered your domain on your behalf, instructions as to how the domain can be transferred to a registrar of your choosing.
    • Information about any SSL certificates operating on the site. SSL certificates are not tranferrable to another provider and will be cancelled when you exit our service.