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Beef up your Power Platform.

Microsoft Power Platform is an amazing step forward for organisations looking to take control of their internal forms, light business applications, process automations and data visualisation. Because these tools are positioned for ‘citizen developers’ organisations need to to take steps to provide sound governance, consistency and reuseability as they embrace the platform.

SpringBase is a managed governance and feature framework upon which to build out your catalogue of PowerApps solutions.

Microsoft Power Platform provides amazing capabilities for building apps to solve business problems. These tools are increasingly easy for power users to get results fast for both desktop and mobile applications.

However, without good governance and foundations we risk creating a sprawl of inconsistent and hard-to-manage apps. When this occurs the value gained is quickly eroded.

SpringBase is our answer to these issues. Built on Microsoft best practice and supported by Goodspring it provides a consistent approach and common framework for all of your mobile, tablet and desktop apps built within the tool set.


  • Managed solution for Power Platform app governance and administration
  • Centralised user and app feature permissions management
  • Centralised app audit trail
  • Hidden/new app discovery
  • Starter app templates
  • Reusable components including dynamic rights-driven navigation, branding and more
  • Global app settings management
  • App Lifecycle and Governance
  • Managed or hosted options

Available Extension

  • Integration dataflows for line-of-business data
  • Custom Components
  • Power BI integration
  • SharePoint & Teams integration

Get your Power Platform journey started the right way. Reach out today to find out how SpringBase can help.

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