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Have you ever considered working for yourself, setting up a business on the side, or do you already have something started but not sure how to take the next step?

Do you ever have a shopping or service experience that leaves you thinking ‘I could do that better’?

Do you ever wonder how you’ll make income when you can’t work ordinary jobs anymore (for whatever reason)?

Do you ever wish your income was something you could do from anywhere?

Do you ever feel that there is something you love that you wish you could earn income from?

My wife and I have become what you might call ‘serial entrepreneurs’ over the last few years. We have attempted to setup a business several times with mixed results. Although we are still learning every day and arguably haven’t created anything that will allow us to just sit on a yacht sipping champagne, we have reached a point where we understand the topic comfortably through repeated attempts.

We were, like many others, inspired by various books like Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour WorkWeek and stories from friends about their ‘freelance lifestyle’. When it came time to move past these sources into the detail we found ourselves struggling to find clear advice. While there is no shortage of people talking and writing about this, we found much of what’s out there hard to understand or very high level and lacking practical application.

So today I am going to start a series of articles specifically aimed at people wanting to grow some kind of online or freelance business. My goal is to help answer the questions we have had trouble answering, or didn’t even know to ask, and also to provide the framework we use to help organise our thoughts about growing a business.

As our journey down this path has taken place in our home, Australia, what I can share will be specific to the way things work here. However, I also hope it will be helpful to others outside Australia.

To provide myself an outline to work to, here’s what I hope to cover across the series:

  • Before you start – Developing ‘The Idea’ and personal readiness
  • Introducing ‘The Wheel’ – A framework for keeping things simple
  • The Story – Building brand, persona and story
  • The Setup – How to get up and running fast
  • The Approach – Reaching your audience and creating demand
  • The Source – Developing and evaluating supply
  • The Delivery – Perspectives on fulfilment and delivery
  • The Experience – Keeping your customer at the centre of your universe
  • The Business – Minimum required tools and ways to automate

So here we go! We will end this introduction with some homework. If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above then stay tuned for the rest of the series. If there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that starting a business doesn’t have to be ‘hard’… it just requires persistence, resilience and a little knowledge.


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