Remote Working with Microsoft Teams

It’s becoming more important than ever to cater for staff working away from the office. Whether motivated by current events or merely as a move toward providing a more flexible digital workplace, organisations can leverage technology to help.

Microsoft Teams is available within Microsoft 365 or as a stand-alone tool and includes capability for audio & video meetings, file management, sharing and real-time collaboration, discussion, person-to-person chat and more.

With our Microsoft Teams Bootcamp your employees can be up to speed in no time, whilst still ensuring your approach to using Teams is sustainable.

What’s Included



We kick things off by ensuring we understand how your team needs to work and help your staff gain a familiarity with Teams.

Bootcamp Training

On-site or remote training sessions for user groups organised by role, geography and existing skill level.

Teams Configuration

We help your technical staff configure Teams to suit your needs and ensure manageability.

SharePoint Configuration

Light and fast configuration of underlying Sharepoint sites for publishing, collaboration and document control.

Follow Up and Online Support

To ensure a smooth transition we schedule follow ups for the team and specific users, as well as provide access to ongoing support online.

Fast and Easy

We can move quickly to get training and configuration underway, even for larger organisations.

Get in touch today and discover how fast and cost-effectively we can make a difference to your business.