Our Services ~ Intelligence

Empower your BI.

In the digital age your data needs to work as hard as you do to stay competitive. We provide expert skills and experience to help you empower people and experiences with your data using tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Excel and the new generation of machine learning capabilities.

Data Visualisation

Goodspring brings decades of experience designing and building data visualisation solutions across a multitude of operational and executive reporting requirements. From initial planning and data assessment through to deployment we can help you close the gap between your data and decision making.

  • Connect to any/multiple data sources, including cloud services
  • Structured business reporting and dashboards
  • Report design and custom visualisations
  • Data interrogation and insights
  • Operational, IOT and Big Data reporting
  • Excel-based custom reporting and interrogation setups

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Data Wrangling

All data visualisation and reporting is supported by an array of data management fundamentals. Goodspring can help you with:

  • Data quality assessment
  • Data transformation and deduplication
  • Database design
  • Custom connections and integrations
  • ETL processes & automation
  • Data platform migrations
  • Cloud based data ingestion with the Azure stack, including log data, or remote sensor networks

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Decision Support & AI

We have a saying here: the answer to information overload is to let the machines do some of the work for us. There’s a new frontier of tools becoming available to even the most humble business to help get more from the data. Goodspring tries to stay at the front of these changes and can help with:


  • Development of decision support tools
  • AI supported exploratory data analysis
  • Advanced AI modelling and predictive capabilities
Data being processed by a machine

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