Humble origins

I began using WordPress years ago after having spent even more years fiddling around with other content management systems and blogging tools. In the beginning I was really just satisfying my own curiosity, building hobby sites and learning the tool. After a while it became clear that WordPress was going to be a big winner with its ease of use, general reliability and HUGE support base in the market.

I set out to master WordPress, but not from the programmer’s point of view. I decided early on that what people need more and more these days is for technology to not be… well technical. The most powerful software in the world really isn’t that useful if you have to hire an army of technicians to get anything from it, right? So I began the slow process of figuring out the combination of hosting, themes and plugins that work best to make WordPress go beyond blogging and become a fully capable site builder and content management system. I wanted to see how far it could be pushed without having to write any code.

How much value can you pack in?

Well, after dozens of site builds, multiple changes of hosts and more money spent on premium extensions than I will ever admit to, I reached a place where it was clear the right combination could increase the usefulness of WordPress immensely without the need for customisation or hacking code. What’s more, it helps you avoid another common pitfall. It’s true the WordPress extension community has tens of thousands of plugins available… but quite frankly many of these aren’t that good (or can even be harmful to your site), and one could spend years trying to pick the good from the bad.

By covering off the most important aspects of basic site functionality, such as security and forms, the package is ready to tackle much more than just creating an online brochure. The stage is set for deeper customer engagement, eCommerce and much more. Add to that the ability to create layouts and design visually using the Divi drag-and-drop theme and things really start to get interesting. And for the truly unique applications we also have in our catalogue tools that give us deeper control over content, such Toolset by OnTheGo Systems, and some common speciality functions for social integration and bookings.

To finish it off, we have wrapped the solution up with enough of our effort to ensure you get off in the right direction. We will conduct all the initial technology setup and initial layout work, then train you enough to hit the ground running editing your content. Lastly, we do all of this as a subscription service so you don’t have to deal with large upfront costs to your growing business.

Save time and money. Leverage our journey.

So here we are, many years later, and we have decided to bring the Goodspring WordPress Hosting Package back to life. We weren’t really focused on the package the last year or two while we grew other parts of the business. But we started hearing from numerous people that it represented a real time and money saver for those who were looking to get out of the ‘cheap-and-dirty’ free site builders, but also didn’t want to face high agency fees for a custom site.

You can learn more about the package HERE, or head over to our Contact Page if you’d like to speak to us directly. If you’re ready to start a site build now, jump straight to it on our WordPress Hosting Package Order Form.


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