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Setting Up A Business – Part 1

Have you ever considered working for yourself, setting up a business on the side, or do you already have something started but not sure how to take the next step? Do you ever have a shopping or service experience that leaves you thinking 'I could do that better'? Do...

Goodspring WordPress Hosting Package

Back by popular demand! The Goodspring Wordpress Hosting Package bundles everything a new or growing business needs to get into a self-hosted Wordpress site affordably and fast. We’ve rolled in our years of Wordpress experience with a selection of services, support and premium themes/plugins to make sure you get big value and a site that can carry you forward.

Is PowerApps the new magic elixir?

We have all seen the proliferation of small scale business apps within the workplace, possibly without realising they were apps at all. Elaborate Excel spreadsheets have grown from our need to get things done whilst avoiding development headaches. SharePoint lists and...

Confidence is Efficiency

As a service provider I encounter people every day who suffer from a fear of technology. It doesn't seem to matter how large the organisation or even what age the person might be. There are simply a lot of people who have little or no understanding of the software and...

Service is Power

I recently had the pleasure of playing host in my workplace to a young person doing some year ten work experience. After a week of having this very bright, albeit naive, sidekick shadow every move I was somewhat surprised reflecting on the things I'd chosen to share...

Passion is Strength

I am passionate about lots of things... technology, customer service, liberty, family, music... The better portion of people I meet and work with have similar feelings about other areas of interest, like sales or humanitarian causes. In fact it's quite rare that I...

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