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Goodspring brings together experience gained over 30 years in software technology. When I began this journey I was just a young kid trying to master a new thing called a ‘personal computer’ and learning to code. We cobbled together what we could to try and understand this new technology. Soon after that the Internet was born and grew into the complicated and trans-formative thing it is today.

My early interest in tech brought me my first jobs in the Las Vegas hotel-casinos managing customer tracking systems for the marketing teams. After emigrating to Australia in 1999 I found myself in a learning curve of roles passing through data sciences, online, marketing and CRM, mobile, project management, change management and enterprise platform implementation.

Along this path my attention has continued to shift away from the technology itself toward the impact the technology can (and does) have on organisations and individuals.

While some people remain specialists in their respective careers, I have always tended towards a kind of ‘generalism’. It has never been enough for me to understand how something works; I am driven by the need to understand why.

I believe that understanding how something fits into the wider picture is the key to driving value from it. When this view is shared with my customers it allows us to make better decisions regarding technology and approach. It better aligns technology to the organisation’s purpose and strategy.

The Value of Values

Goodspring also embodies some key ideals to which I have become attached over the years, and believe are crucial for sustainable success. I hold myself to these values, and seek them in my relationships.

  • Trust is paramount. Be transparent and honest.
  • Strive for the win-win, shared risk scenario.
  • Partner, refer and collaborate rather than step outside your strengths.
  • If we are doing our job right our customer will grow to not need our services after a time.

Whilst Goodspring starts as representing myself, it also embodies the ideas above as a framework through which I choose subcontractors and partners, ensuring they will adhere to these values and standards.

The Mission

The primary aim is always to help people connect with the productivity advice, technology and services that yield the greatest value, and in a way that always leaves them feeling good.

Goodspring welcomes the opportunity to see what value we can create together.

Garet Griffin ~ Principal

Garet Griffin

Garet Griffin


With deep experience across data, project management, solution architecture, systems integration, marketing and sales, Garet Griffin has always focused on bridging technical, delivery and business perspectives within his 25+ years in the software services industry.

His talent of taking idea to solution is key to Goodspring’s ability to assist growing firms in leveraging technology, as well as gaining a broader view of their business and opportunities.

His career highlights include an array of traditional tech positions for companies like Microsoft and IconMedialab, participation in Australian start-ups, as well as highly specialised stints as Director of Database Marketing for an international casino/resort company (MGM), a pioneer in opt-in mobile marketing, and as an application manager for a deep-water mining company.

Garet currently provides expertise in the enterprise and government sectors via Engage Squared, a national provider of services for SharePoint, Office 365 and other Microsoft technologies. He provides coaching and other services to small and medium business via Goodspring.com.au.

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