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Bring your document management in line.

SharePoint Online comes with many great document management features baked in and has become the go-to storage and management solution for many document management and collaboration scenarios.

The Goodspring Document Control solution.

The Goodspring Controlled Documents solution helps organisations of all types and sizes establish a central repository and management regime for those documents that require formality around authoring, review, approval, publication and retirement.

The solution exists entirely within the Microsoft 365 tool set available with Business and Enterprise Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Optional features may extend the solution to include 3rd party tools or integration with other systems. The solution is a configuration pattern for SharePoint Online, Power Automate and Microsoft Teams that includes common core functions required in document control systems, but with the ability to be shaped according to an organisations individual needs.

At a high level, the solution caters for:

  • Submission library and approval of new documents into the system
  • Management of regular review and approval processes, including automation
  • Rich meta data and categorisation of controlled documents, including document numbering and versioning
  • Controlled and automated publication of documents for wider consumption, including notifications
  • Automated archive of retiring documents
  • Full audit trail of document management activities
  • User security for controllers, owners, contributors and general users
  • A solution site catering for document search, related news, other content publishing and collection of user feedback
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams

Controlled documents solutions are typically associated with quality management (‘QMS’) or Standard Operating Procedure (‘SOP) management. They are used to meet quality control and compliance needs relating to key business documents, such as policies, procedures and work instructions, or any document that requires formality of review, approval, publication and disposal. 

Depending on the number of variations needed by your organisation the solution can be implemented in 4 to 6 weeks, including handover and training for selected staff.

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