Better Apps with SpringBoard

Microsoft 365 provides amazing capabilities for building apps to solve business problems. These tools are increasingly easy for power users to get results fast.

Over time however, we wind up with similar problems as when we were using Excel and Access. Our system becomes cluttered with solutions that are inconsistent, disconnected and hard to maintain.

SpringBoard is our answer to these issues. Built on Microsoft best practice and supported by Goodspring it provides a consistent approach and common framework for all of your mobile, tablet and desktop apps built within the Microsoft 365 Power Platform tool set.


SpringBoard is a perfect starting point for:

Apps Icon

Apps and Field Service

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Projects, Jobs and Assets

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Electronic Forms

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Custom CRM


  • Consistent, branded look and feel
  • Reuseable components
  • Built-in user security
  • Reliable file/upload handling
  • Global options management
  • Lifecycle and Governance
  • Full audit trail logging
  • Managed or hosted options
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